Usefull information

Start and finish line
The start and the finish are on Emba Filao beach, next to LUX* Le Morne hotel


Bib withdrawal

Thursday november 12th 2020 : 15h-17h : Bibs withdrawal, AmbaFilao, Le Morne Beach - withdrawal won't be possible on saturday


Friday november 13th 2020 : 15h-17h:  Bib withdrawal in Amba Filao Beach

To get you bib, don't forget to give us :

-Your licence or medical certificate


Food and drink supplies
1 on the bike course 
2 on the running course each loop

Water, soda and bananas will be given

Emergency Support

Medical security located along the course will come in case of emergency

A physio booth will be available on the finish area

Restrooms - Changing Rooms

Bathroom and changing room will be available at Amba Filao restaurant.

Dedicated area to leave your personal belongings. Be aware of not leaving valuable items - organisation declines responsability in case of loss

Mechanical support stand

A mechanical stand booth will be at your disposal at the start to check your bike if needed.


Remember to bring your helmet with chin strap, sunglasses, bib belt, water bottles, sunscreen lotion

After-race meal

Your registration includes a meal to Amba Filao restaurant. A ticket will be distributed during the bib withdrawal. Relatives and friends can buy a ticket too.


Time limit
5h for the IOT
3h for the IOT Junior